You’ve Got To Be Part of Your Own Rescue!

Why pitching your company to possible candidates is vital in the interviewing process.

I’m not a camping kind of girl. The closest I get to camping is staying at the Holiday Inn in Texas when I go to visit my oldest daughter. Oh, and I occasionally go off-roading with my family. That’s my youngest daughter on the right!!

I do love White Water Rafting, and anyone that has ever been should see Kevin Hart’s stand-up routine on his rafting trip! ** Warning – there is some foul language, but if you’ve been rafting, I promise you will laugh out loud **

My favorite line from his routine is: “You’ve got to be part of your own rescue!”

What does this have to do with recruiting you might ask?

The market for top talent has always been competitive, but we are currently experiencing a time where it has become especially difficult. As recruiters we see this all the time. What this means for our clients is that they need to do everything they can to make their company stand out from the crowd.

Social media and sites like glassdoor can make things easier or harder to make a good impression on potential candidates looking at joining your firm. If the internet buzz about you is positive, great! But a couple of bad reviews or negative posts and things can go downhill fast. While the message candidates see on social media about your company is hard to control, what you can control is the message the candidate receives from you and your team.

During a candidate interview it is extremely important to realize that both sides of the table should be selling themselves. I’ve mentioned this before and it really needs to be repeated. Even if you aren’t interested in moving forward with a candidate, don’t miss the opportunity to sell both you and your company. You want this person to be truly excited about everything they see and hear while they are in front of you. This is the perfect time to make a lasting and positive impression on someone about you and your organization!

Everyone should be aware of the way they are perceived by the outside world. If you want to make life easier when trying to land top candidates, then develop a strategy and compose a positive company script that everyone involved in the interviewing process is onboard with. You want that person to be thrilled if they get an offer, or disappointed if they don’t.



Author: Judy Kennelley

Judy founded Integrity Network in 1991, and has expanded it to be one of the top technology recruiting firms in Colorado. When Judy is not in the office, you can find her on a tennis court or spending time with her husband, two daughters, and German Shepard.

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