Our Clients Love Us!

Integrity Network sets the highest standard for executive search of any firm that we have worked with. Judy and Tom bring a mix of raw intelligence, detailed research capabilities, powerful intuition and a dedication to service. The experience is always positive.

Integrity Network brings much more than great candidates to an organization. Judy’s blend of experience and outstanding communication skills always help me to remember that Integrity Network is my ‘Partner’ in the process. I always learn something from her every time we work together.

Over the years the types of people that Integrity Network has helped us to hire have changed. One thing however has always been a constant and that is; whatever the search, and however ‘unique’ the profile is, Integrity Network always captures the most important elements (both objective and subjective) to find the very best candidates. I know that I can count on Integrity Network to deliver.

– Annette Quintana – CEO, Istonish


“I would strongly recommend Integrity Network for executive level hires. They have done an excellent job for InfoNow, with expediency in bringing in exceptional talent and we would endorse their services.”

– Mark Geene – formerly CEO, InfoNow


I have worked with the Integrity Network team for well over 10 years, and I would strongly endorse their services. Judy and Tom have done an excellent job of filling key positions in several of my companies. Integrity Network placed me as the SVP of Sales of Global Sales at Vericept, and subsequently helped me fill several key Director level roles. As the CEO of Newmerix, they found an outstanding VP of Marketing for me, who I have retained at Worksoft, and a very effective VP of Sales. In my role at Worksoft they have instrumental in my team building success, helping me fill a VP of North American Sales, and a strategic partner management position. Judy is always very thorough, and takes great care to understand the nuances of each position requirements, blending that with her knowledge of my style and personality. She is able to give me sound advice on candidate selection, and Tom does an outstanding job of researching the market and surfacing extremely qualified candidates. They are a great duo, and their professionalism makes the search process quicker and ultimately very effective.

– Dan Gannon – CEO, Turnkey Solutions


There is no better partner, ally and friend for a CEO to have than there is in Judy Kennelly. Her years of experience, relationships and perspective can only be shadowed by her sense of humor, wit and intellect. When it comes to assembling teams, there is no individual that I would consider helping me other than Judy. She consistently sources people that not only satisfy the definitions of the roles that I have to fill, but the unwritten requirements of a candidate that will promote their success while working with me. Sure, once in a while we have gotten it wrong – however infrequent that may be – but far more often we get it really right. And that has resulted in the assembling of some of the best teams that I have managed throughout my 20+ years of leadership. I cannot provide a stronger recommendation for Judy other than to simply say to any hiring executive that if you trust her, listen to her, speak your mind and be open and honest with her, Judy will deliver the world to your door. Nobody is better.

– Ari Kaufman – CEO at Placeable


Valen engaged Judy to help us find a Director of Marketing Communications in November of 2011. By the middle of December we had 4 highly qualified candidates and hired an exceptional person by the end of December. We are thrilled with our hire’s performance.

Judy performed much better than I expected and demonstrated for me how a great recruiter operates. When I do my next executive search I will enthusiastically hire Judy again.

– Dax Craig – CEO at Valen Analytics | We provide data analytics to help insurers improve underwriting profit


The Board of Directors of Datavail retained Judy and her firm to execute a CEO search. That search put Judy in a challenging and interesting position of needing to find a candidate to help bring the company to its next level but who would also integrate seamlessly into a very tight knit management team and Board of Directors. As a candidate who was found by Judy I can say she executed on her tasks and responsibilities with extreme precision and effectiveness while remaining exceptionally connected, open, and available. Judy exemplifies what an Executive Recruiter should be – able to integrate into the dynamics of a Board of Directors and accomplished management team while knowing how to search the market to bring talent to those very constituencies. Judy is always honest and direct, tireless in her work ethic and energy, and ethical in her behavior with both candidates and clients. Judy delivers the kind of quality you would expect from one of the major retained search firms with the personal attention and accessibility you expect from a smaller boutique. Now, as CEO, l would not hesitate and look forward to again retaining Judy to find us the right talent as we grow. I have worked with many search firms in my past , both as a candidate and as a client, and I consider Judy in the top 1% of professionals in her field. A decision to retain Judy will not ever be met with disappointment. I would make myself available at any time for a more interactive discussion and recommendation of Judy and her executive search services.

– Mark Perlstein – CEO of Datavail