Integrity Network is a true “boutique” search firm that specializes in placing executive level talent with Colorado based technology companies. The firm was founded in 1991 and during the first ten years we exclusively worked VP of Sales and VP of Marketing positions for software and consulting services clients.  After five years of establishing an incredible reputation filling sales and marketing leadership positions, many of our clients requested that Integrity Network fill other executive level positions outside of sales and marketing and therefore in 1997 we broadened our services to include all functional executive leadership roles.

We guarantee results, pure and simple.  Because of the investment we have made in both our technology infrastructure and search methodology, we are able to source and evaluate candidates quickly and to present them in a manner that allows you to make the right decisions. Our average search process is completed in eight weeks and we have a 99% fill rate. This means that once you sign a contract with Integrity Network you can be guaranteed that the position will be filled.

Integrity Network has an outstanding track record of building solid and lasting relationships. Year in and year out the vast majority of our revenue has been repeat business with existing clients or referrals from those same clients. We develop an intimate knowledge of our clients and their business and provide not just people but guidance and thus add value that out of state or generalist search firms cannot.
Many clients are impressed with our extensive “rolodex” of candidates; the reality is that an executive search firm should be hunters. The contact list of Integrity Network, while impressive, is just the beginning. We go well outside our rolodex on each and every search to find and close fresh talent. This is important because our industry experience shows that more than half of the searches we complete are with candidates we didn’t previously know.

The hunter aspect of our search process is also evident from the stand point that we do not passively recruit candidates by running ads or broadcasting to a list of email contacts. Broadcast emails are a standard practice for large search firms but at Integrity Network we feel that actively recruiting from a targeted recruiting plan brings a superior level of talent to our clients. By executing a grass-roots recruiting plan we are able to attract the best candidates for the job, not just the best candidate that happens to be looking for a job. At Integrity Network we call ourselves headhunters and we are proud of the term.

Another concern for clients is an understanding of where a search firm is blocked from recruiting candidates based on existing client relationships. This is a critical question to ask either large firms with specialty practice groups, or smaller firms focused on very specific functions or market sectors. Firms typically cannot recruit from an existing client for one to two years based upon ethical and/or contractual factors. If a large number of target companies (those where potential candidates are currently employed) are blocked, your ability to access a strong candidate pool could be severely limited. This is why Integrity Network specializes in “technology” companies and moves within different sectors at different times. By rotating between sectors we keep our talent pool available for our clients.

Lastly, given the consultative nature of a search, it is critical to determine who will be involved and engaged during the course of the search. Will the person who sells or ‘pitches’ the assignment also do the majority of the work or will the research and candidate development be conducted by someone else. At Integrity Network, the person who sells the assignment also is the one who fills it and they are the primary contact for both clients and the candidates recruited. This philosophy ensures outstanding service for all of our clients and is why people pay for retained search.

Integrity Network is dedicated to helping Colorado based companies grow and have always been sensitive to the fiscal challenges these companies face.  We do not take the standard 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 approach to our fee structure like many of our competitors have done.  We have always structured our contract with the majority of our fee based on delivering results to our clients; we have no problem assuming the majority of the risk because we are fully confident in our abilities.

We look forward to working with you.

Judy Kennelley
Integrity Network