5 Steps CEOs Should Do in Every Interview

5 Steps CEOs Should Do in Every Interview

As a leading executive search firm that specializes in working with technology and energy companies in Colorado,
we’ve seen it all during interviews — the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, here’s a secret that many CEOs don’t realize: It’s not just your candidates
who are on the spot during interviews– so are you! To make the most of your image and hiring efforts, we suggest using these five effective
tactics during every interview.

  1. Know how to pitch your company. This may sound obvious but it’s not! We’ve seen executives stumble because they don’t have an elevator
    pitch. Don’t let this be you! Begin by answering: What does your company do and how do you do it better than anyone else? Make your answers concise,
    clear, and persuasive. Then, practice until it’s second nature!
  2. Remember, each time you interview someone, it’s a branding opportunity! Whether you choose to hire that person or not, you want that
    candidate to walk away thoroughly impressed with both you and your company. Candidates talk after interviews and you want them to talk you up to
    everyone they meet. This is a great branding and PR opportunity.
  3. Use consistent questions and scoring with each candidate. Do you go into your interviews with a set of clearly define questions? Or
    do you let the conversations steer themselves? The problem with having unstructured business conversations as an interviewing format is that it
    doesn’t give you the ability to accurately compare multiple candidates. Go in prepared and ready to weigh and score each response from every individual
    using the same metrics. While chitchat is great for rapport-building (yes, you want some of that), it’s difficult to compare candidates if you’ve
    had different conversations with each one.
  4. Let your candidate talk at least 60 percent of the time. Here’s another pitfall we’ve seen: The CEO does all the talking while the
    candidate says next to nothing. OK, that’s an exaggeration, but you get our point! CEOs are often very excited to talk about their companies and
    their success. Let your candidates answer questions fully and allow them to feel comfortable with the interview process. The more relaxed and comfortable
    your candidates are, the better and more truthful the information you’ll get from them.
  5. Know the job spec and role for which you are hiring. OK, this can be tricky for start-ups, especially if you are hiring for a new
    role. Sometimes it’s easy for a CEO to believe that the role will encompass some duties, and not others – but then find out along the way, that
    the role needs to expand. That’s OK! Outline the position as best as you can. If you need to add more along the way, that’s OK. Just be sure to
    document where you are going and be ready to pitch the role to candidates as it evolves.

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